Supported Devices for Pure Flix

Supported Devices as of October, 2016: - Mobile Devices - Apple iPads & iPhones via the Pure Flix app found in the Apple App Store - Mobile Devices - Android Phones and Tablets via the Pure Flix app found in the Google Play Store - For TV’s - Amazon Fire TV Products (Not currently available in Canada) (Starting at about $40) - the Pure Flix app can be found on the Amazon App Store - For TV’s – Chromecast (Starting at about $35) for Apple, Android & Chrome Browser (recommend removing and reinstalling the Pure Flix app to enable or installing the Chromecast extension for the Chrome browser) - For TV’s – Roku devices (Starting at about $30) via the Pure Flix app found in the Roku Channel Store. Please Note that Roku 1, SE, XS, XD or HD are not supported - Windows and Apple PC's via standard browsers - Internet Explorer or Chrome for Windows & Safari for Mac are recommended. (Linux PC's are not directly supported.) Please ensure you have the latest version of the appropriate operating systems and browsers on your device. Non-Supported Devices as of October, 2016 - Smart TV set apps - Not currently supported (ROKU-powered Smart TV sets are supported via the Pure Flix Roku Channel) Note: Many non-supported devices are able to browse the Pure Flix site though video playback is not properly supported at this time. - Apple TV - Planning Pure Flix support in Spring 2017 - XBOX - Planning Pure Flix support in 2017 - PlayStation - Planning Pure Flix support in 2017 - Wii - Not currently planned for support
Published on: 2015-10-13 See other articles in Devices, General.