Is PURE FLIX available on my ROKU device?

YES! The PURE FLIX Roku channel can be accessed by searching "PUREFLIX" on Roku or logging in at!details/49182/pureflix. Note: you must have an active subscription with PURE FLIX to watch the PURE FLIX channel on Roku. There is no additional charge to watch the Roku channel, but viewers must sign up and purchase a subscription to the at the website first. Roku provides an excellent method to watch PURE FLIX on your television. See If managing ROKU from a website browser, ROKU asks for a channel access code. The access code is "pureflix" (no space between the words). Please Note that Roku 1, SE, XS, XD or HD are not supported. Closed Captioning is available on Roku devices.
Published on: 2015-10-13 See other articles in Devices.