Standard Donations

All standard donations are tax deductible for donors located in the US. Donations from donors outside the US may not be tax deductible.

Lifetime Membership $1,000 USD Donations

For Members who donate $1,000 USD in exchange for the Lifetime membership, $850 USD is tax deductible as the service being received is valued at $150 USD (which means $150 USD is not tax deductible). 

Please note: If you are located in Canada the donation may not be tax deductible.

Where is my Receipt?

Receipts for your donation are provided immediately after the donation clears. They are sent via email to the email address on file. The email will be titled "Thank You - Receipt".

If you do not receive a receipt for your donation 24 hrs. after you donate please call our donation line at 855-517-6566. Their hours of operation are from 7AM - 5PM MST Monday - Friday.