Samsung Smart TV's

Samsung Smart TV's How To's, Supported Models, and Troubleshooting

Supported Samsung Smart TV's

Pure Flix is currently supported for select 2015 - 2018 Samsung Smart TV's. Below is a list of all our supported models.

2015 Models   2016 Models   2017 Models   2018 Models
US9F ULS001H   UK6300 UK6250   UMU9000 UMU8000   UNU7120 UNU709D
ULS001F TE390S   UK6200 UK5600   UMU7500 UMU70A0   UNU7090 UNU6950
UJ5510 UJ5500   UK5520 UK5510   UMU7000 UMU66A0   UN5510 UN5500
UJ6200 UJ5520   UK5500 UK5300   UMU6500 UMU64A0   UN5350 UN5300
UJ6300 UJ6240   UK4300 UKU630D   UMU6470 UMU6400   UN4500 UN4350
UJS6000 UJ6330   UKU6300 UKU6000   UMQS9 UMLS003   UN4310 UN4300
UJU7090 UJ6400   UKS9800 UKS9500   QMS9Y QMQ9F   UNU730D QNQ9S
UJS8600 UJS6700   UKS9000 UKS8500   QMQ8C QMQ7FD   UNU7300 QNQ9F
UJU6510 UJU6500   UKS8000 UKS7500   QMQ7F QMQ7C   UNU710D QNQ8FB
UJU6700 UJU6600   UKS7000 UKU66A0   UMUF31E UMU6000   UNU7100 QNQ8F
UJU6800 UJU6740   UKU6510 UKU6500   UMU6100 UMU6300   UNU7103 QNQ8C
ULS001U US9A   UKU64A0 UKU6400   UMU6310 UMU6320   QNQ7FH QNQ7F
UJU6000 UJU6100         UMUF30E UM6300   QNQ7C QNQ75F
UJS6900 UJU6390         UM5600 UM5520   QNQ75C QNQ6FK
UJU6400 UJU6300         UM5510 UM5500   QNQ6F QNQ65FB
UJU6900 UJU6410         UM5300 UM4500   QNQ65F UNU850D
UJS8500 UJS8000               UNU8500 UNU80A0
UJU7500 UJU7000               UNU800D UNU8000
UJU8000 UJU7800               UNU76A0 UNU7500
UJU5910 UJU5920               UNU74A0 UNU7450
UJS9900 UJU5900               UNU7400 ULS03NU
UJS9500 UJS9800                  

*Note Samsung Smart TVs are not supported in Canada

How do I find my Samsung Smart TV Model Code?

You can verify your model code by doing the following:

On a Supported Samsung Smart TV 2017+

  • Press the “Home” button on the remote (looks like a house)
  • Navigate to and select “Settings”
  • Scroll down and select “Support”
  • Select “About this TV”
  • Verify the model code

Please Note: If you do not have the above steps you potentially have an older model. Try the following steps to get the model code:

On a Supported Samsung Smart TV 2015 - 2016

  • Click “Menu” on the remote
  • Select “Support”
  • Select “Contact Samsung”
  • If you are still not able to locate the model code you can find the model code on the back of the TV located on the sticker.
How do I Install the Pure Flix app on my Samsung TV?

As long as you have a supported 2015 - 2018 model you can install the Pure Flix app on your Samsung Smart TV by doing the following:

  1. Click the "Home" button on your remote to go to the Samsung Smarthub.
  2. Using your TV remote, select "Apps" in the left-hand section of the Smart Hub.
  3. Once you have selected “Apps”, click on the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner to search for the Pure Flix app.
  4. Once you have clicked the magnifying glass icon, an on-screen keyboard should appear on your TV screen.
  5. Using the on-screen keyboard, type in "PureFlix" and select “Done”.
  6. Select the Pure Flix app.
Samsung Smart TV Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing an issue with Pure Flix on you Supported Samsung Smart TV please try the troubleshooting steps below:

Step 1: Test Your Internet Connection

  1. Click the "Home" button on your remote to go to the Samsung Smarthub.
  2. Using your TV remote, select the “Internet” icon.
  3. Use your TV remote to navigate the arrow to the search bar to select it.
  4. Once selected, and on-screen keyboard will appear.
  5. Use the arrow to type in
  6. Once the page has loaded, select the “Go” button in the middle of the screen.
  7. Once the test has finished, check the download speed to verify that is is over 5mbps.

(Note: If your internet speed is below 5mbps, please contact your internet provider in regards to your internet speed).

Step 2: Delete and Reinstall the Pure Flix Channel

  1. Click on the "Home" button to go to the Samsung Smarthub.
  2. Using your TV remote, select "Apps" in the left hand section of the Smart Hub.
  3. In the top right corner, click on the Settings icon using your Samsung TV remote.
  4. Navigate to the "PureFlix" icon.
  5. Select the “Delete" option and select the “Delete” option again to confirm.
  6. After the app is deleted, follow the "How to Locate Pure Flix on Your Samsung Smart TV" instructions above to reinstall the app.

Step 3: Unplug Your TV from its Power Source

Please unplug your TV, wait 30 seconds, then plug the TV back in.

If you are still experiencing difficulties after completing these troubleshooting steps, please request further assistance by clicking below.

In your request, please include a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing, your current internet speed and inform us if you have attempted the troubleshooting provided.