What is the Lifetime Membership?

The lifetime membership allows access to thousands of titles that Pure Flix has to offer. The membership lasts for the duration of the donors life. Out of the $1,000 USD donation, $850 USD is tax deductible.

Please Note: The Lifetime membership may not be tax deductible for Canadian donors.

How can I become a Lifetime Member?

Your email address must be registered with Pure Flix in order to get the Lifetime membership.

  • Sign into pureflix.com through a web browser
  • Select the "Get Lifetime Access" button located in the upper left of the page
  • Scroll down on the page
  • Fill in form and submit

Please Note: Checks are also acceptable for donation and the Lifetime membership will be applied to your account once the check has been processed successfully.

Can I transfer my membership?
The Lifetime Membership is for the duration of the donors life and is non-transferable.